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Mini Reviews

June 28, 2013

Reading time has been sadly short lately 🙂 but I managed to squeeze in a few books! Here are a couple of quick reviews of two stories that I really enjoyed.

Cast in Moonlight – Michelle Sagara

Cast in moonlight

This short story was originally printed in the Harvest Moon Anthology back in 2011. While I have devoured and reread the main books in the Chronicles of Elantra series numerous times, I kept on putting off reading this short story about Kaylins introduction to the Hawks. Was I crazy? Yes, because this is a little gem of a novella, especially for established fans of the series. It gives us a glimpse of a very young Kaylin and some amazing POV’s from the other Hawks. The storyline isn’t a surprise considering that readers are already aware of events from the main novels but there are a few twists and some intriguing characters introduced. Highly recommended.









Some I Used to Know – Blakney Francis

Someone I used to knowI’m on a new adult kick lately, so I’ve read some amazing stories and some terrible stinkers. This particular effort from Blakney Francis was a lovely surprise to me. Having just finished reading a rather bland story that featured a Mary Sue heroine, who was so perfect in every way that she was simply impossible to empathise with or for, Adley Adair with all her flaws and guts was a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed her story immensely. I was hooked from the very first page and the story simply refused to let me go, or even go to sleep:) Adley and all the supporting characters were well written and interesting. No cardboard cut-outs here. Highly recommended.


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