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Minion’s Reviews: The Nameless City – Michael Scott

August 1, 2013

Adina’s BFF Minion will occasionally be dropping by with a guest review. In gratitude I made her a special picture, it’s a little basic but I’m learning 🙂

Doctor Who: The Nameless City – Micheal Scott


Doctor Who Anniversary – Second Doctor

Eleven Doctors, eleven months, eleven stories: a year-long celebration of Doctor Who! The most exciting names in children’s fiction each create their own unique adventure about the time-travelling Time Lord.

When Jamie McCrimmon brings the Second Doctor a mysterious book, little does he realise the danger contained within its pages. The book transports the TARDIS to a terrifying glass city on a distant world, where the Archons are intent on getting revenge on the Time Lord for an ancient grudge.


The second instalment of the Dr.Who e-shorts series is where we meet the second Doctor and his companion Jamie. I haven’t seen any of the old Doctor episodes so I’m enjoying meeting different sides of the Doctor in his different regenerated forms.

This is a great story, Jamie after helping an old man from being beaten to a pulp, is giving a book as reward. The book once opened is a trap! The Doctor, Jamie and a broken Tardis are transported to another world.

The baddies here are the Archons, an ancient race, older than the Time Lords and stuff of legends. They need the Tardis technology to kick start a new breed of Archons, take over time and eliminate the Time Lords. They are frightening creatures, Scott description of them rising from the mercury to hang and float above the Doctor was truly creepy. This story was full of suspense; I really did feel the jig was up for the Doctor and Jamie.

I would have really liked to have spent more time with this Doctor; he’s very different from the 1st Doctor. I would also like to know more about Jamie, how did he met the Doctor and I felt I needed more background on him.
A great read, now to meet the 3rd Doctor…

5 stars

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