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March 16, 2015

March has been a really good book month for me thus far. While all my reads didn’t meet my expectations, I none the less enjoyed the stories.

Dead Heat – Patricia Briggs

Dead HeatSomehow, Dead Heat lacked the excitement of previous instalments. I still loved Anna, Charles and the supporting characters but the story lacked something. I’m not sure exactly what but I was a little disappointed with Dead Heat.


Sustain – Tijan

sustainAgain I didn’t enjoy Sustain as much as I have previous Tijan novels. I can’t put my finger on it but there was something missing. Usually the heroes in Tijan stories are to die for but Luke was a little too selfish and ass-like for me. Also the plot was little confusing and not altogether coherent.



Dorina Barsarab Series – Karen Chance
Midnight's DaughterDeath's MistressFury's Kiss


I’ve been rereading Karen Chance’s Dorina Barsarab books. They’re just so much fun – I love Dory and all the crazy shenanigans. The world building in this series is incredibly well done.


The Storyspinner – Becky Wallace

The StorySpinnerThis is my current read but I’m stuck. Each chapter has a different POV character and it’s seems like there’s a new chapter every three pages. This jumping around is making it hard for me to get into the story. I’ll keep going but I’m wavering.

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