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ARC Review: Lie Down with Dogs

April 6, 2015

Lie Down with Dogs – Hailey Edwards

Lie Down With DogsSeries: Black Dog #3
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published: April 30th, 2015
Links: Goodreads   Amazon
Source: ARC from CrushStar Multimedia LLC via Netgalley

With tentative peace established in Faerie, Thierry returns to her job as a conclave marshal in Texas while the countdown to her coronation begins. But what happens in Faerie doesn’t always stay in Faerie. A crown wasn’t Theirry’s only souvenir from her trip. Her new husband, Rook, is scheming again, and this time his plans are invading her dreams.

When her best friend throws a beachside going away party, Thierry is grateful for the distraction from Rook…and from Shaw. But her presence in Daytona rouses an old evil, one who wants the future queen as the crown jewel of his private collection.

Lie Down with Dogs is the third book in the Black Dog series by Hailey Edwards. The Black Dog books are Urban Fantasy novels that follow the adventures of Thierry, a half blood faery who has one foot in the mortal realm and one foot however reluctantly in Faerie.

Thierry is a Marshall, a supernatural police woman who enforces the rules that fae must obey when in the mortal realm. Thierry has little choice in this career due to her colourful ancestry but embraces it whole heartedly. This girl can kick ass even if she’s a little conflicted about her dark powers. Following her actions in the second book, Thierry is also the reluctant Queen in waiting of Faerie and has returned to the mortal realm where she has one year of freedom before duty calls. Lie Down with Dogs begins upon Thierry return from Faerie, she’s pretty unhappy and her best friend Mai suggests a vacation, one last hurrah with just the girls (and bodyguards). Of course, things are never so simple.

The Black Dog series is fun. For the Urban Fantasy genre, they’re on the lighter side of dark and gritty. I really enjoyed Lie Down with Dogs, the story zipped along. I was a little thrown by the vacation plot line at first considering the events of the previous novel but the plot came together nicely in the end.

Thierry is a great heroine, she’s relatable in that events can overwhelm her but after a pity party involving copious amounts of ice-cream she picks herself up and carries on. The friendship between Thierry and her best friend Mai is lovely and well written. The relationship feels real, the friends bicker and don’t always agree but they love each other and at the end of the day will always do the best for one other.

Thierry’s world and the characters populating it are established in the first book, Dog with a Bone, which I loved. One criticism I would have of this novel is that it doesn’t quite live up to the promise of the first book. The romantic interest Shaw in particular suffers this, where he was crazy interesting and breath-taking in book 1, now he’s somewhat bland and whiny. I’m usually pretty invested in the romance but not this time.

All in all, a fun story. I loved the banter between the character especially Thierry and Mai and I’ll be back for the final book.

My Rating: 7/10


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